Enjoy This Sly Cooper Animated Short

Know nothing of Sly? No worries, the following should help you get acquainted.

2013 looks to be the year in which Sly Cooper makes a comeback, one that is very much welcome to his fans. His three adventures on the PS2 combined platforming and stealth to great success. Though part three in particular pushed the envelope in a host of different ways, which honestly hasn't gotten nearly the amount of credit that it deserves.

His fourth adventure, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, is due very soon. Though there is some slight concern as to how it will be in the end, since it's no longer in the hands of Sly's creators. Sucker Punch Productions went on to create Infamous for the PS3, and are currently busy working on something is simply titles the Next Big Thing" Project.

In charge of Sly these days is Sanzaru Games, which recently released The Sly Collection, which collected the previous three PS2 titles for the PS3, with the requisite HD upgrades. Unlike certain other collections, this one was very well put together, so that's a good start.

And then you have this animated short, which Sanzaru helped to produce and which also serves as a prequel to the events laid out in their upcoming effort. It's also perfect for those who know little of Sly and his talents. Enjoy: