Nintendo Releases New Batch Of Pikmin 3 Screens

These should satiate you for the wait til March.

Arguably the most anticipated upcoming game for the Wii U, Pikmin 3 (finally) has a new release window and is expected by the end of this March. Leading up to this momentous occasion are a batch of brilliant new screen shots from Nintendo, showcasing familiar faces, brilliant environments, and all of the classic Pikmin charm. Check it out in our gallery below!

Pikmin 3, previously expected as a Wii U launch title, will feature two new Pikmin, Pink and Rock (the latter of which you can see in the gallery). It will also take advantage of the Wii U's high definition features and support up to 100 Pikmin on screen at once. Players will also control four leaders (as opposed to sequel's two). Sadly, Captain Olimar is nowhere to be seen. Nonetheless, we should be hearing more as the final release date approaches.