Dust 514 Open Beta Launches

The open beta for Dust 514 has gone online.

Dust 514 has opened its doors to the public today by going into open beta. To that end, its developers at CCP have released a new trailer to showcase the roles players will be able to take on in the massively multiplayer first person shooter for the PlayStation 3.

The trailer begins with a brief look at the character customization, followed by a lot of combat. Players will be able to comb city streets in search of aggressors on the prowl, ride vehicles, soar through the skies, and assault enemy bases while swarms of spaceships bombard the planet from the orbit above. 

The game's transition into open beta means it's also free to play now, so prospective players will not have to purchase any currency cards on the PlayStation Network to experience the game. 

Dust 514 is exclusive to the PlayStation 3, and ties directly into CCP's other massively multiplayer game, EVE Online, which share the same servers as Dust 514. The two games interact with one another, with events in EVE Online playing a direct role in what goes on in the FPS.

Like EVE Online, Dust 514 is set to offer both PvP and PvE gameplay, so players will have more to do than just killing each other.