Shadow of the Colossus External Hard Drive is Mind-Blowing

This Shadow of the Colossus fan-made hard drive might be one of the best things I’ve seen a fan make!

Earlier in the day, we reported on how Sony has hired "Hanna" scribe Seth Lochhead to write Shadow of the Colossus' film adaptation script. Well, it seems that's not the only SoTC news we have for you today!

Imgur user foxfoxwaltz posted a rather impressive project, where he converted a 500GB external hard drive into one of SoTC's colossi! Yes, you read that right! See how he goes from creating this out of tape, cardboard, and whatnot to the fiinal awe-inspiring version step-by-step!

Not to lay the hype thick, but have you seen anything fan-made as impressive as this? The Shadow of the Colossus fan in me can't help grinning as I saw the colossus come to life. It even has glowing lights, too!

Hopefully, Sony sees this and possibly make one officially. I mean, it's not practical, but I don't think I'm the only one interested in purchasing something as legendary as this.