Xbox 720 Silicon Production Rumored Day Set, E3 Reveal Countdown Begins

According to rumors, Microsoft’s Xbox 720 silicon wafers have their production date set and ready to go.

xbox 720

Remember when we posted that rumor last September that Microsoft's Xbox 720 might face a delay due to chip manufacturing problems?

Well, the same site that said that is now claiming that "final customer silicon (wafer)" has "likely" gone to production. This rumor was told by an anonymous source (who else?). Supposedly, the date for the manufacturing finalization for the Xbox 720's silicon wafers was December 31, 2012, which the site muses Microsoft has hit.

According to these sources, if the wafer's bugs, manufacturing , yield and whatnot are met, then we can assume that Microsoft will have the Xbox 720 out on retail within the year. Basically, if they didn't hit that December 31, 2012 date, then it's almost certain that the Xbox 720 won't be manufactured in time to be out this year. But from their report, they were told (speculating) that Microsoft has indeed hit their mark date and that means Xbox 720 for everyone in 2013! Well, for those who can afford it at the very least.

Of course, same with most rumors, take this one with a grain of salt. It's quite easy to claim these things as fact.

While both Sony and Microsoft has been rather mum on their next-gen plans so far, Microsoft's Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb has posted a new countdown on his blog counting down to E3 2013. This latest turn of events could only mean that the 'next Xbox' will most definitely be revealed at this year's E3.

The question is, who will fire the gun first? Will Microsoft try to once again catapult to an early head start and release first or will Sony usurp them by doing a surprise reveal and release within the year? 

Which console would you want to be out first the Xbox 720 or the PS4? Can the people buy both when they're released within the same six-month period?

Source: SemiAccurate