Black Ops 2: No Nuketown 2025 for Wii U, Activision Says

No Nuketown for Wii U gamers, it seems.

nuketown 2025

It's bad news for owners of Black Ops 2 on the Wii U, as Activision says that they have no plans to bring the popular Nuketown 2025 map to the Nintendo console. 

Nuketown 2025 is compact multiplayer map based on Nuketown in the first Black Ops game. It was remade for the sequel and redesigned to resemble a retro-futuristic fake town used in the Nevada desert to test nuclear weapons. There's no explanation as to why two groups of soldiers are battling it out in the setting, but it certainly makes for exciting close quarters battles. 

Upon reading reports of Nuketown 2025's unavailability on the Wii U, Nintendo fansite GoNintendo reached out to Activision's customer support to confirm, to which they received the following response: 

Thank you for contacting Activision Customer Support. I can understand how annoying and confusing that must have been. We’re sorry but unfortunately we are not able to offer Nuketown 2025 on the Wii-U platform at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience and once anymore information about that comes out, it will be announced on our official channels ( like the support website or ) so please check them out from time to time.

With any luck, they'll be able to offer the map in the future as a DLC.