GTA 5: Watch the Second Trailer with Dubbed Real World Sound Effects

Grand Theft Auto 5’s second trailer is reborn without its official music, real world sound effects are added.

Just this month, Rockstar Games has graced us with Grand Theft Auto 5's second official trailer to accompany its big Game Informer spread.

While I admit, the trailer was full of action, the accompanying musical overlay didn't do it for me. I'd rather hear the game itself than a soundtrack, if you know what I mean. If you're like me, then this YouTube trailer by Auexem might do the trick. There's no background music and dialogue; instead, he spliced the footage with real world sound effects. So, now you can hear birds chirping, water running, and even someone stomping. 

For those people who've watched Grand Theft Auto 5's second trailer a million times, this re-dubbed trailer might actually warrant you watching it for the millionth and one time. 

I have to admit, watching the original trailer and then giving this one a go makes me appreciate the work done in it. I particularly like how they synced or highlighted the explosions, gun fire and even the chase sequence. Hopefully, the actual game sound effects are even better, no?

If you've noticed that it's more than 30-seconds shorter, the creator took out a few second of clips that either had dialogue as its only sound source, or it's not relevant enough at all. Not complaining, mind, but just letting you know.

Before you say that Rockstar should have used this instead of the original second trailer, keep in mind that they do need to "spice" it up a bit before letting it loose on the general populace. I doubt non-GTA 5 fans would want to watch something that doesn't have any background music, dialogue or any of that sort, no?

So, can Grand Theft Auto 5's audio work be this good in-game? Come to think of it, aside from the dialogue, is the Grand Theft Auto franchise known for their sound design? Is there anything that comes to your mind right now? I mostly remember the sound of cars crashing and gun shooting…and that's about it.