Halo 4 Armor Guide with Names

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Update: Discover the full list of Halo 4 armors, visors, and stances and how to unlock them in our Halo 4 Armor Guide.

With Halo 4 launching today in certain areas of the world, we've compiled all the available armor types you can earn throughout the game. 

In Halo 4, players will unlock armor as they rank up and complete challenges. And while we didn't list each and every way you can earn the various armor types in Halo 4, we did do the next best thing — and that's to show you the different armors that's in the game. Of course, you do need to spend a rather significant time and energy before you'll be able to get a majority of 'em, but that's part of the fun, right?

Just in case you're curious as to what challenges you need to hit before earning these armor customizations, we've outlined a few of them for you below.

  • Soldier Reach the Rank of SR-15.

  • Soldier ZNTH Earn the Commendation Spartan Spree – Master.

  • Aviator Reach the Rank of SR-17.

  • Defender CTRL Earn the Commendation Bullet in the Brain – Master

  • E.V.A. BRCH Earn the Commendation Hail of Death – Master.

  • Infiltrator TRAC Earn the Commendation Multikill – Master.

  • C.I.O. Earn the Commendation Spartan Slayer – Master.

  • Ranger Earn the Commendation Combat Opportunity – Master.


Got that? Good. Again, that's just a few examples of the challenges players need to do in order to unlock new armors in Halo 4. Now we have that out of the way, here's the complete list of Halo 4 armor types in the game.



Quite a robust list, no? Honestly, weapon camos and whatnot pale in comparison when you see what Bungie — and now 343 Industries — has done for Halo's multiplayer.

Will these armors make you pull of headshots with more frequency or make your melee strikes hit harder? Probably not, but at least this way you'll look like a badass in gunning down your enemies, no? Also, who knows? Maybe this type of scenario might work for you at some point, too, right? 

Halo 4 is set for release on November 6, exclusively for the Xbox 360. If it's November 6 where you are now, what are you waiting for? Go continue Master Chief's fight now.