Borderlands 2 Basic and Legendary Relics Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about relics in Borderlands 2, both basic and legendary forms.

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Borderlands 2 has just gone live on Steam and chances are that by the time you read this, you've been playing the game for more than a few hours and have come across what the game refers to as Relics, which are ancient pieces of technology left behind by the mysterious race of Eridians which inhabited Pandora prior to humanity's arrival on the god-forsaken rock.

Each of these relics confers bonus attributes to your player class and though each of them isn't necessarily useful for the character you're playing, there's a number of Legendary relics that offer more than just your usual bonuses. But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are the types of basic relics you'll come across in your adventures.

Basic Relics

Vitality: Increases health stats.

Stockpile: Increases your ammo storage for different types of ammo.

Protection: Improves shield capabilities and damage absorption.

Strength: Improves melee abilities.

Resistance: Limits damage you take from different types of weapons.

Tenacity: Intensifies Second Wind abilities.

Proficiency: Decreases the action skill cool down rate.

Elemental: Provides an increase to elemental weapon damage. 

Aggression: Provides a boost to a particular weapon type.

Allegiance: Reserved manufacturers products improved.


Legendary Relics

Lucrative Opportunity

A rare relic. Reduces cooldown on shop timers.

Deputy’s Badge

Increases "Fight For Your Life" timer by 10% for every player who has this relic equipped.

Sheriff’s Badge

Increases “Fight For Your Life" timer by 15% for every player with the relic equipped. More difficult to find than the Deputy's Badge.

Moxxi’s Endowment

Increases the amount of XP earned by killing enemies.

Vault Hunter

Improves the probability of enemy dropping rare loot. It's basically "Magic Find" for Borderlands 2.

The Afterburner

Intensifies vehicle boost capabilities.