Infinite Warfare: Rave in the Redwoods – How to Get the ‘Smiley’ Chainsaw

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Get your mitts on the most overpowered weapon in ‘Rave in the Redwoods’ and unlock the Tables Turned achievement / trophy right here

The deadly (and totally new) Smiley Chainsaw can be your’s, if you’re ready to go the distance and defeat the Super Slasher on Rave in the Redwoods. In this camp-themed horror map, you’ll get plenty of visits from everyone’s favorite slasher-killer. This unstoppable masked man is armed with a circular saw, and you can actually unlock that same circular saw for yourself.

It’s an awesome new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare weapon with two major functions; you can shoot giant spinning blades of death, or just use it like the creator intended — as a chainsaw! The spinning murder-blades are pretty damn powerful in both firing modes, and killing zombies gets a whole lot easier when you’ve got this thing in your inventory. Check out the quick guide below for more details.

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 How to Get the ‘Smiley’ Chainsaw

Want the unstoppable ‘Smiley’ chainsaw, the same deadly weapon used by the crazed Slasher boss that constantly appears as you progress through the rounds? Well, you absolutely can. You can even kill the Slasher with his own weapon. All you have to do is finish the main Easter egg and collect the soul key after crushing the Super Slasher boss.

Yeah, that’s actually a lot harder than it sounds. Check out the complete Easter egg guide linked above for all the details you’ll need to solve the (not-so-massive) Easter egg. This time around, you can complete it solo with the right wall-buys and Wonder upgrades.

  • ‘Smiley’ Chainsaw Guide
    • How to Unlock: Complete the main Easter egg.
    • Where to Find: Available to collect to the left of the Power Switch in the Spawn Lodge basement.
      • The Chainsaw instakills zombies up to a very high round, far past the usual Easter egg round requirements.
      • Is a permanent third weapon. Does not take the place of another gun in your arsenal.

Tables Turned Achievement / Trophy Guide

To unlock the Tables Turned achievement / trophy, you’ll need to kill the Slasher with the Smiley chainsaw. It’s actually pretty easy, but here’s a refresher:

  • The Slasher appears only when you use a pouch on an open flame. Pouches are dropped randomly by zombies, and using them near a fire will start Rave Mode.

While in Rave Mode, the Slasher will appear and attack. Let him charge, then hold down [L2 / LT] after he’s stunned to quickly kill him. That’s really all it takes.

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