World of Warcraft: The Secret Cow Level Is Back — Here’s How to Get In

Only on PC: Take down the Cow King all over again in World of Warcraft for new event exclusive loot. Here’s what it takes to get inside.

The Diablo 20th Anniversary Celebration event in World of Warcraft is underway until January 11th, and now you can access that fan-favorite secret area — the secret cow level. Made famous in the Diablo series, Blizzard’s other big franchise (not including Overwatch), the secret cow level is a magical realm filled with… well, cows. Lots of cows to murder with swords, arrows… all that stuff. And now it’s in World of Warcraft, and there are unique limited-time only rewards to collect within.

So, the big question is: how do you get inside the secret cow level in World of Warcraft? It isn’t so hard — not nearly as difficult or weird as the original Diablo 2 Easter egg. This one can actually be farmed daily if you can open the secret portal. Thanks to Redditor TimFromTheBeach for creating the thread where we learned most of this information.

How to Enter the Secret Cow Level

To open the portal that leads to the Secret Cow Level, you’ll need to log in to World of Warcraft during the Diablo 20th Anniversary Celebration event. It lasts until January 11th.

  1. On the Broken Isles, Treasure Goblins will randomly spawn.
  2. Kill the Treasure Goblin before it escapes through the portal.
  3. If you kill the goblins fast enough, their portal will remain.
  4. Enter the portal to discover the Secret Cow Level!

Yeah, that’s all it takes.

The Secret Cow Level instance includes swarms of rampaging cows, and a Cow King boss to defeat. The area can be entered at any time. The Cow King respawns daily, so don’t worry about killing the king, you’ll be able to run it multiple times.

The original Cow Level appeared in Diablo 2, and made a late appearance in Year 3 of Diablo 3. Before its resurgence, Diablo 3 featured a different Easter egg, the “Not Cow Level” — instead of Hell Bovines, heroes battled blood-thirsty unicorns. To outsiders this all sounds insane, but trust us, the Cow Level is a big deal.