Titanfall 2: How to Collect All of BT’s Loadouts | ‘Jack of All Trades’ Guide

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Get the full arsenal of Titan weapons in the campaign with our list of Loadout locations.


Loadouts are an important part of the Titanfall 2 experience, and missing even one can be a pretty annoying experience — even if they are easy to find. Most are right out there in the open, but one or two can be missed. If you’re like us and don’t always pay super close attention to the environment, here all locations for all the missing Titanfall 2 primary weapons.

During the campaign, you control BT; a Titan that can swap Loadouts on the fly. Each Loadout is patterned after the multiplayer Titans, so you’ll get a chance to test out all those unique weapons and abilities. Finding all the Titan Loadouts and destroying enemies will earn you the ‘Jack of All Trades” achievement / trophy, so make sure to get some mileage out of these tools of destruction once they’re all unlocked.

‘Jack of All Trades’ Guide

The first and final kits are given to the Pilot automatically and cannot be missed.


  • Tone Loadout: Mission 3: Blood and Rust – Found right after the initial battle, at the circular pipe-shaped sewer entrance. Hard to miss!
  • Scorch Loadout: Mission 4: Into the Abyss – Part 1 – Right near the start, drop into the water then walk up the rocky ramp toward the facility. There is a derelict Titan on the ground on the “Authorized Personnel Only” sign with this loadout.
  • Brute Loadout: Mission 4: Into the Abyss – Part 1 – After the encounter with a trio of Titans, you’ll enter a room with a landing pad and massive robot arms. The loadout is right at the door.
  • Ion Loadout: Mission 5: Effect and Cause – Part 3 – Returning to BT, you’ll find this loadout in the past version of the Reactor Facility. Through the main doors, there is a small Titan hangar with this weapon hanging on the wall.
  • Ronin Loadout: Mission 6: The Beacon – Part 1 – Right before you enter the toxic fog, find this loadout on the dry land right at the border of the danger zone.
  • Northstar Loadout: Mission 7: Trial by Fire – After riding the lift up and getting a view of the Ark in the distance, you’ll find this loadout hanging from wires directly ahead.

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