New Titanfall 2 Trailer Promises Variety in Single Player Campaign

Respawn Entertainment has just released a new trailer for upcoming Titanfall 2, laying out its vision for the single-player campaign. In the video, game director Steve Fukada says one of the strengths of the single-player is its “sheer variety”

“You can get different Titan loadouts and experience the different flavours of Titans in the multiplayer, in the single-player,” added designer Mackey McCandlish.

According to Respawn, Titanfall 2’s campaign will also give players a different pace of gameplay outside of the flashier set pieces.

“We also have low-key moments where you’re just progressing through the environment and exploring. You’re using your pilot mobility.” It said.

There is also some light puzzle solving in the video that involves the pilot’s ability to interact with the environment, which is pretty sweet.

The game’s full story campaign is one of its major new additions. “Titanfall 2’s single-player is crafted to dive deeper into the Titanfall universe, exploring the unique bonds between Pilot and Titan, and taking full advantage of the movement and combat, to deliver a feeling a feeling of being unstoppable together,” EA’s Devin Bennett previously said.

Titanfall 2’s release date has been confirmed for October 28th. It will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.