7 Games Like Minecraft – Like Minecraft, Only Different

Bored of Minecraft or just want to try something new? Here are seven awesome alternatives.

Games Like Minecraft

games like minecraft

Minecraft may be popularly regarded as one of the most fascinating and progressive games ever made, but it’s not a game that’s alone in its endeavor to deliver creative experiences over mindless violence.

Contrary to to popular belief, and in variance to what the eminence of games like Call of Duty might suggest, the world of videogames is quite literally populated by games which offer experiences beyond the primal, and cater instead to our more civilized instincts.

Minecraft deserves every ounce of its popularity, but the other games which cater to our creativity—and ones that aren’t merely clones of Minecraft—deserve just as much attention as Mojang’s masterpiece.

If you’re bored of Minecraft or if you’re simply looking for an alternative to the game, here are seven of the best games you can choose from.