Gears of War 4: Act 1 – All Collectibles & COG Tags Locations Guide

On Xbox One & PC: Here’s how to find all the objects, documents, pamphlets and COG Tags hidden in the 5 stages of Act 1 in Gears of War 4.


Track down all the collectibles in the opening act of Gears of War 4 with our text locations guide. There are a total of 17 items to find, and you’ll easily earn the “Collector” and the “Pack Rat” achievements in this act alone.

The first act of Gears of War 4 introduces the world in a lengthy prologue, and establishes the cold dichotomy between the COG and the independent settlements found in the frontiers of planet Sera. While fighting through the past, or the brand-new automated cities of the COG, you’ll want to grab all the collectibles hidden in every corner. Just keep scrolling to get all the locations.

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Collectibles & COG Tags Locations Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for screenshot galleries showing all collectibles locations.]

Recovering every campaign collectible in Gears of War 4 unlocks the “Completist” achievement. Finding all Cog Tags will earn you the “Remember the Fallen” achievement.

  • Note: After finding a collectible, the game will autosave. If you die, you will not have to re-collect any Cog Tags or campaign collectibles.

Campaign collectibles can refer to any number of special items and objects you’ll find while exploring the world of Old Sera — including pamphlets, documents, or other items that reveal backstory on the world.

Act 1 – All Collectibles & COG Tags

Act 1 features 3 Cog Tags and 14 collectibles.

1-0: Prologue

  • Collectible #1: UIR Security Report
    • Location: After throwing a grenade into Bunker 1, cross over and your allies will exit Bunker 2. Look on the desk in Bunker 2 to find your first collectible.
  • COG Tag #1: T. Thubron
    • Location: Continue down from the Bunker 2 interior to the stairs. Backtrack slightly down the path your allies used to reach the base, and look left at the bottom of the steps where several black/yellow tank barriers wall off the area. There’s a dead soldier hear with the first Cog Tag.
  • Collectible #2: UIR Anti-COG Pamphlet
    • Location: Through the massive bunker doors that close behind you, you’ll enter another combat zone. Just as you step outside from the tunnel, look in the back-right corner for a propaganda poster.
  • Collectible #3: Jacinto Herald
    • Location: Moving on, you’ll reach a city street encounter with a Corpser. Enter the small security station on the left side of the street near the Corpser’s position to grab the newspaper inside.
  • COG Tag #2: G. Wagner
    • Location: To find this body, go up the steps of the government building to the right of the Corpser. Pass the van with the Hammer of Dawn and look behind the large pillars — check the left-most corner when moving up the steps to find a fallen soldier with this tag.
  • Collectible #4: Bernie’s Last Will and Testament
    • Location: Switching to the the burnt-out interior with the ruined vehicle, you’ll need to climb a ladder to continue forward. Instead of doing that, check the desk to the right of the waist-high sand bags.
  • COG Tag #3: J. Beckman
    • Location: In the same area as the previous collectible, look behind the destroyed (and still burning) vehicle to find the third Cog Tag.

1-1: The Raid

  • Collectible #5: Rubble Reclamation Manifest
    • Location: When you encounter the massive storm, you’ll get an objective to “Get Behind the Crane” — just as you knock down the barrier to the crane’s area, look to the right of the fallen gate — there are two crates and a concrete wall hiding a document before you step onto the ramp. Get too close to the crane, and you won’t be able to backtrack.
  • Collectible #6: Shepherd Protection Pamphlet
    • Location: In the under-construction city, you’ll pass by a giant constructor robot that mounts a window into place. Continue into the next room and pass the red robot — in the back-left corner, there’s another collectible to find.
  • Collectible #7: Settlement 5 Resident Assignment List
    • Location: Once you reach the ground-level streets of the modular settlement, look for a building at the street corner marked with a sign that reads “Dalyell Ave” — go inside and look for the side-room storage area. The collectible is on the shelf directly right of the interior door.
  • Collectible #8: COG Birthing Pamphlet
    • Location: Later, you’ll enter a hospital maternity ward. As you pass by a tall window with a view of the city center on the second floor, you’ll move though a room filled with empty cribs. Just as you leave, look on the table in the seating area.
  • Collectible #9: Windflare Lockdown Procedure
    • Location: Once you leave the hospital, you’ll enter the city center square and encounter tons of DB robots. From the hospital exit, turn left and head up the first set of steps on your left. There’s a large stonework building with the final collectible mounted on the wall to the right of the wooden double doors.

1-2: In and Out

  • Collectible #10: DBi Schematics 
    • Location: In the factory room with the Fabricator, look on the left side for a glowing green computer screen. That’s the collectible for this stage.

1-3: New Friends

  • Collectible #11: Shepherd Safety Pamphlet
    • Location: When you reach the statue courtyard, take the steps down and left to find a collectible on the small bench against the back wall.

1-4: A Few Snags

  • Collectible #12: Village Windflare Lockdown Procedure
    • Location: Check the metal girder pillar to the left of the Townhall sign in the settlement proper.
  • Collectible #13: Book Inscribed to Kait
    • Location: Return to the entrance you arrived at the settlement through. Backtrack from the Townhall, across the bridge, past the bails of wheat, and look left for some stone steps leading up to a landing with a chair. The collectible is on the ground next to the chair.
  • Collectible #14: Village Mare Breeding Record
    • Location: Close to the village gate, look for a garden with lots of crops growing. Go up the steps at the back of the garden to find this collectible near a chair, sitting next to piles of fire wood.

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