The Best Gaming Podcast Ever: Episode 16

Episode 16 has the BGPE crew jibber-jabbering about Skyrim once again! Haven’t you guys heard that Skyrim is amazing?

The Crew also got brain-bustingly happy about the non-announcement of Metal Gear Solid 5! Which, as it turns out, was just a misleading cover by Official Playstation Magazine UK (thanks for that, douchelords). MGS 5 hasn't been announced, and I'm contemplating walking out into traffic, because I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

…aaaannnd I'm over it. Regardless, Jacob has some stunning words to dish out regarding MGS 5, and, much like Confucius battling a grizzly bear, the rest of the crew is worked up into a contemplative fervor.

Also on the billet: the crew ponders on the importance of preserving old games, and what role plays in that whole affair, as they prepare to take on the Steams and Origins of the world.

We're giving away copies of Rochard on Steam. And I have to say, if ever there were a zenith of the box-slinging, side-scrolling, puzzle-platformer starring a character named John Rochard, this is it. No, seriously, this game looks pretty sweet. Honestly, when the tagline to your game is “Rock is hard, John Rochard is harder” you've either got one hell of a gay porno on your hands, or a sweetass game. Maybe there's no distinction between the two. I'll conduct some research over the holiday weekend and get back to you guys.

Anyhow, if you want this game, you know the deal. Leave a suggestion for a hot topic below, tell us all how sexy we sound, send us a picture of your best kissy-face. Actually, just leave a suggestion below for a future hot topic. I don't need any temptation.