DmC Glitches: Dante Flying, Infinite Style and More

From spinning enemies to Dante flying across maps, this glitches guide has you covered.

DmC: Devil May Cry Glitches Guide

dmc glitches

Capcom games have a reputation for having a lot of bugs, and their latest published title is no exception. Developed by the England-based Ninja Theory, Devil May Cry fares better than its Japanese counterparts by a wide margin, but it too contains a number of glitches and little aberrations in its presentation—no doubt due to Capcom's handling of the QA (quality assurance)—that prevent it from being a bug-free experience.

We've compiled a whole list of glitches in video format which gamers across the interwebs have encountered during their playthroughs of Dante's latest adventure. It's nothing to stop the game from being as good as it is, in our opinion, but the bugs do serve to otherwise mar a flawless experience. With time, we're sure the game will be patched, but until then, enjoy these glitches while you can still see them.