XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – All New Mission Types Explained

See what new missions you’ll encounter in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, and which missions have been remixed.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen remixes and adds lots of new mission types in your campaign to destroy the alien menace. Old missions have been updated with tweaks, and new missions totally change the formula. Sometimes you’ll be assassinating the new ADVENT Generals, or rescuing lost comrades from ADVENT prisons. Often, you’ll find yourself with unique constraints — for some missions, you’ll be limited to 2-3 soldiers, or gain special bonuses like extra charges of Concealment.

There’s a lot to learn, and sometimes missions like to throw a curveball your way. Like in Stealth Rescues, hacking the prison door will raise the security level, and calling in an evac will instantly max out the alert, forcing you into a full retreat as every enemy on the map comes for you. Some missions feature the new Lost enemies — swarms of mutants that just keep coming. That’s just a few examples. Even Terror Missions got an upgrade.

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All New Mission Types Explained

[Work-In-Progress: We’re still working through the campaign. Check back soon for new mission types.]

Mission Type – Stealth Rescue

Stealth Rescue missions are unlocked when a Chosen kidnaps one of your XCOM teammates. Use Covert Actions to locate your teammate, and if those are successful, you’ll earn a Stealth Rescue mission. During these missions, all teammates will have one charge of the Covert ability, allowing them to return to concealment.

Instead of a time limit, you’ll instead have to deal with a Security Level. It starts at 1 and will increase to 10 if you’re caught. Hacking the prisoner’s door will also increase the Security Level (unless you select the option that negate the security alert and win the roll) — when you call in an evac, the Security Level instantly increases to 10. Quickly escape, endless reinforcements will arrive.

For this mission, you’ll want to be stealthy, Wait for guards to pass, stay in cover, and reach an area with a quick extraction. Hack the door and you can usually evac the very same turn.

Mission Type – Rescue Stranded Resistance Agents

This mission always include the Lost Horde and a mission timer — the Stranded Resistance won’t be attacked by Lost until the timer is up. The timer represents the amount of ammo in the auto-turret protecting the Resistance. When the timer is up, the agents will be vulnerable to attacks from the Lost.

Your goal is to run to the Resistance area, then lead them back to the evac point. Don’t let yourself get surrounded, you’ll need to backtrack to save the agents — also, one of the agents will be wounded. If you can spare a soldier, carry this resistance agent back for evac to get a free agent. Saving the wounded agent is not mission critical, so you’re allowed to leave them and sti

Mission Type – Assassination

For Assassination Missions, your XCOM team is tasked with killing an ADVENT General. The ADVENT General is a gold-colored ADVENT Officer that patrols in a random spot around the map. Instead of killing the first enemies you encounter and leaving default concealment, it’s better to find the ADVENT General before ambushing.

When you leave concealment, an ADVENT evac will appear somewhere on the map. A marker will show you, but you’ll only have three turns before it arrives. The ADVENT General will then attempt to escape from the evac point. If the ADVENT General escapes, it’s mission over.

Use concealment to sneak until you locate the general, then ambush him. ADVENT Generals are seemingly exactly like ADVENT Officers, except with more health that average. Be prepared — they may take several hits. Stunning abilities to stop them from retreating are helpful, especially later in the game.

Mission Type – Supply Raid

The Supply Raids have been remixed. There is no visible time limit, instead you’ll find multiple ADVENT supply crates spread all around the map in random locations. As turns pass, they crates will flash red — after turning red, an ADVENT flyer will pick up the crate.

Your goal in these missions is to interact with crates as quickly as you can to get as many as possible. You’ll also need to kill all enemies in the area. When a crate turns red, you’ll have exactly one turn to interact before it is removed forever. For each crate you collect, you’ll get an instant infusion of supplies — about 60~ supplies per crate. If you clear out the enemies fast, you can instantly collect crates.

The mission is a success if you kill all enemies in the area. If you don’t collect any crates, it doesn’t matter — you’ll still successfully complete the mission. All you lose is a bunch of bonus supplies.

Mission Type – Haven Retaliation

Like the Terror Missions of old, the Haven Missions require your XCOM team to rescue at least 6 civilians before ADVENT murders all 20 on the map. To change things up, the resistance havens now have armed guards that watch crowds of unarmed civilians. They can defend themselves now.

You do not start these missions in concealment, and a marker will show you the next available group of civilians. ADVENT will always target resistance first — they’ll attempt to kill the armed resistance soldiers first, then they’ll pick off the civilians.

The armed resistance can actually fight pretty well by themselves. Depending on the intensity of the attack, you’ll find more (or less) armed resistance members. You no longer need to rescue individual civilians — instead, when you clear enemies from a group, the remaining civilians will automatically retreat from the area.

Mission Type – Uplink Sabotage

The Network Uplink nodes are on a tight timer — you have a limited time to set X4 explosive, but you can increase the mission timer by destroying the nodes along the way. These nodes will always reveal your concealed soldiers when destroyed, so be careful when you start shooting. Nodes are also a 100% shot success rate.

The large uplink nodes themselves can only be interacted with from one angle. Make sure you have at least one turn left to place the charge — placing X4 requires an action point.