XCOM 2 Long War 2 Mod Brings Big Changes to the Strategy Layer on PC

Long War 2 is the upcoming XCOM 2 PC mod from Pavonis Interactive. It includes some dramatic changes to the strategic gameplay aspect of the game. The mod delivers a total overhaul of the Geoscape and changes how you engage in XCOM’s operations across the globe.

Players must now manage the Resistance within each region they have contacted. Each region has a certain number of rebels who may be assigned to one of three different tasks: searching for supplies, recruiting new rebels and soldiers, or gathering intelligence to generate new missions.

You can deploy a single advisor- a scientist, engineer, or soldier- to each region to provide bonsues to a particular task. Doing so may even improve a region’s defenses by capturing ADVENT MECs and repurposing them through the advance Specialist perk, “Full Override.” Keep in mind that rebels can die during retaliations and other missions, and some can even be Faceless in disguise.

ADVENT has employed a new strategic AI that operates counter to your own efforts, under the same goal of finishing the Avatar Project. It will try to move forces from adjacent regions to your location, and if it feels safe there it will try to construct research facilities to further the Avatar Project.

Additional changes include the ability to deploy multiple squads simultaneously to infiltrate several enemy targets at once. Each of these missions will be played individually.

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