Why Is Mass Effect Andromeda Getting So Much Hate?

Mass Effect Andromeda is an extremely divisive game. But why exactly? Is it bad writing, gross politics, glitches, or was it rushed out the door?

When Mass Effect: Andromeda first launched into the market, it received a ton of hate. There were poor graphic animations among a plethora of glitches that made for some hilarious gameplay. Regardless, is all the hate towards the latest RPG release from BioWare really necessary?

In today’s latest video installment, we take a look at just that. Watch as we break down the video game and give our take on in regards to if the game has poor writing, politics, glitches, or even if it was simply rushed out the door.

Likewise, let us know if you enjoy the video game despite the general consensus of the game online by leaving a comment down below.