Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition Just Launched On PS4 and Xbox One

Stardew Valley has grown exponentially from its humble PC beginnings. It has since expanded to a million seller across multiple platforms. The game is now expanding its release even further by offering newcomers to the franchise more content at a discounted price with the newly released Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition, which just launched on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition comes with the full base game, a disc containing the Collector’s Edition sountrack (which features 33 hand selected tracks), an exclusive full printed map of Stardew Valley, and a mini-guidebook created by the artist and author of the full guidebook, Kari Fry.

Stardew Valley has cultivated a massive following with its dedicated adherence to classic game design tropes. It also delivered a very similar farm simulator experience that games like Harvest Moon offered. With as good a deal as the Collector’s Edition is offering, it’s very enticing for new players to get in on the fun.

However, the game is also coming to Nintendo Switch later this year, so you may want to hold off if you are planning on grabbing the game in that format. It is not yet clear if the game will be in the Collector’s Edition format or not.