Bioshock Infinite: Beast of America — What You Missed

We’ve put together an analysis of what you might’ve missed in the most recent Bioshock Infinite trailer.

What You Missed

Bioshock Infinite made a big splash yesterday, returning from its media hiatus with the release of the "Beast of America" trailer. The trailer, which is made up of exclusively of in-game footage, shows enemies from both the Vox Populi and Founders factions. 

For those not in the know, the flying city of Columbia is torn in a civil war between the two factions. The Founders faction, which appears to be rather similar to the real life Tea Party movement, attempts to model its ideals after the founding fathers of the United States while promoting nationalism, religious fanaticism and xenophobia. The other faction, known as the Vox Populi (or Voice of the People) are a confederation of anarcho-communists who violently oppose those ideals and intend to capture Elizabeth to further their own ends.

The trailer begins with a trip by sea to Monument Island on Columbia, which is presumably the first location in the game. 

Infinite trunk

The island appears to be home to locations like Battleship Bay, the Aerodrome, and Hotel Soldiers Field 

Locations in Bioshock Infinite

Battleship Bay

Unlike the first BioShock, there appear to be children throughout the city of Columbia, some of whom can be seen eating ice cream in an ice cream parlor with their parents. 


The trailer reveals some history of the Handymen enemy, who appear to have been ill or disabled persons who opted to mechanically augment themselves in service of Columbia. One of them can be seen on display at an exposition with a sign above that reads:

"Live forever! with Bettermen's Autobodies. The 'Handyman'"

Infinite Handyman

The trailer showcases a variety of enemies in an offensive capacity against the player and Elizabeth, whom they intend to kill or capture. In addition to the Handyman, there is a glimpse of an enemy that's capable of hurling balls of fire. 

Fire Enemy

A man is murdered with a Sky-Hook. 

Skyhook Murder

At one point, the player performs a death-from-above attack with his Sky-Hook by launching himself from a Skyrail at an enemy. 

Death From Above

There is an armed turret/statue whom the player electrifies and shoots to pieces. 


We also see the first glimpse of an enemy with a casket chained to his back. He appears to be armed with a staff and is surrounded by a flock of crows. 


At one point, the player is forced to deal with a Boy of Silence, which is capable of giving away the player's position and alerting nearby enemies. The Boy of Silence wears an eyeless helmet which amplifies his sense of hearing. 

Speaker Head

Finally, the use of vigours—Bioshock Infinite's version of plasmids—looks incredibly gory. 


Did I miss anything?