Toys R Us Will Be Stocked With Nintendo Switch Units This Week

The Nintendo Switch, despite some flaws and issues, have been flying off the shelves. It’s becoming a hard to obtain console now and almost every retailer is sold out leaving gamers to resort to paying a reseller fee or wait for a new shipment of units to arrive.

Recently, GameStop received their second shipment today and it’s already likely sold out in nearly every location. However, thanks to a report by GameSpot, we have a slight heads up on where gamers can purchase a console if they are luckily enough to reach the retailers before the crowd.

Turns out that the retailer, Toys R Us, is receiving their second shipment of units on March 25, 2017, and they will be put on store shelves immediately. The representative that got in touch with GameSpot alerted the publication that they suspect the consoles to be sold right away, so you’ll want to get their extra early and reserve a spot in line.

It’s becoming unfortunate that gamers are unable to pick up a Nintendo Switch, we even reported recently that GameStop will be expecting a shortage of consoles when it comes to the recently launched Nintendo Switch throughout the year.

While we do know that Toys R Us will be receiving their second shipment of units shortly, it’s unknown just how many units each store will receive. For instance, GameStop received a grand total of ten units per store so if you live in a highly populated area, there’s a good chance you might be waiting for the third shipment for another chance at obtaining a console.