First Inside Look for Mafia 3’s Latest DLC – Faster, Baby! Released

Mafia 3 launched back in October of 2016 and with mixed receptions due to bugs and glitches, many fans were down on the highly anticipated entry in the series. However, after much-needed fixes, the game was somewhat redeemed.

If you were in the mood to return the Mafia universe, there is good news for you then, because of the first piece of paid DLC — Faster, Baby! is scheduled to release later this week for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The team at Hangar 13 released the first look at the DLC. Check it out down below:

We’re back with another Inside Look episode, this time focusing on our upcoming DLC releases. We sit down with Hangar 13 and get the scoop on Faster, Baby!

Faster, Baby! includes plenty of updates as well as new gameplay mechanics such as slow down time while driving, the ability to drop/throw grenades from the car while driving and a brand new location to explore.

Mafia III’s “Faster, Baby!” DLC is scheduled to release on March 28 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.