Shardbound, the Magical CCG Taking Kickstarter by Storm

Independent studio Spiritwalk Games has embarked on an ambitious journey of high fantasy and card games in their debut project, Shardbound. Described as a competitive PvP inspired by the strategic elements of Fire Emblem and Warhammer 40,000, the core gameplay is comprised of duels on the battlefield. Shardbound’s kickstarter launched last month with a projected goal of $50,000 USD, but has since more than doubled its target.

Shardbound has been in development for more than two years, and as CEO Dave Cerra reveals in the kickstarter video, the last six months have been used for targeting the core gameplay and testing it against a small playerbase to make sure the game’s unique philosophy stands up to scrutiny. Aside from tactical considerations such as line of sight, cover and map layout not typically found in CCG games, Shardbound is optimised for streaming on Twitch. Here’s a look at things in more depth:

Source: Shardbound