Open Your Heart to Quirky Precision Platformer ‘Dimension Jump’

You could say indie games, particularly platformers, have built up a bit of a reputation for being insanely difficult, and Melbourne based Redpoint Games look set to continue the trend with Dimension Jump. Described as a ‘precision puzzle platformer’, players are hurled into a minimalist world that looks like it borrowed from the wardrobe of Thomas Was Alone where they must plough through nearly 100 levels of pure challenge.

Dimension Jump also includes an interesting dimension switching ability, which transforms the screen and lets you access previously unreachable platforms, in addition to a gravity switch you can manipulate to rotate your environment in the same vein as Mallow Drops. Here’s the full list of features:

  • Dimension jump your way through over 90 levels
  • Challenge variants of every level to really test your skills
  • Collect Steam achievements
  • Compete for the fastest time on global leaderboards
  • Build and share your own levels via Steam Workshop

Dimension Jump is slated to release on March 15 for PC.