Legendary Pokemon Coming This Year In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go launched and became a massive success last year forcing gamers young and old to head outdoors and locate virtual Pokemon. With everyone searching out to catch each Pokemon in order to become the very best once again, the game didn’t include every monster in the currently available generations.

There’s been a big search for legendary Pokemon when the game first launched and now that Pokemon Go includes the second generation of Pokemon, we’re still missing out on a number of legendary types. These include Pokemon such as Mew, Mewtwo, Lugia, and Ho-Oh.

While the development team has yet to put these select Pokemon into the game, a new interview on Wired Germany, which was translated and reported by Gamespot, confirms that the legendary Pokemon gamers having been waiting for will be coming this year.

We’re still waiting on a few features missing from Pokemon Go such as the ability to trade Pokemon and face against other trainers out in the wild. Developers Niantic has confirmed that these features will be arriving at some point in the near future, it was also unveiled that the legendary Pokemon will start to release into the wild before the end of this year according to the company’s CEO John Hanke.

It’s unknown just how hard it will be to capture these select Pokemon or if they will be more event based where gamers will need to attend certain city locations within a particular time. More information will likely be shared in the coming months.