Nintendo Switch Battery Test Unveiled

Nintendo’s next major console release, the Nintendo Switch, is nearly upon us. You’re either really excited or completely passing this console up until more software is shown off or more real-world tests are completed. While we’re still a few days away from gamers receiving their own console, certain publications have already been sent a unit.

Now one stress test was already performed on the console giving gamers a slight insight as to what they can expect when March 3, 2017, rolls around. The test was completed by the YouTube channel Family Gamer TV.

Within the test, the content creators tested the battery life of the Nintendo Switch compared to other previously released handheld devices. The conditions may not be what we’re waiting for as the Nintendo Switch was not playing a video game during the test.

With that said, the Switch had full brightness and all wireless connections on to give an idea on how long the console can last when in idle. The results showed that the Nintendo Switch was able to last just over five hours beating out several handhelds in the process. In fact, the Nintendo Switch managed to last longer than several DS models, iPads, and the PlayStation Vita.

We imagine that if a video game is playing the results would be drastically different, though we’ll have to wait until a stress test if performed with the console running software or when gamers around the world are able to get their unit on March 3, 2017.

Test Results
  • DSi – 2.41hrs
  • 3DS – 3.25hrs
  • iPod Touch 2 – 3.39hrs
  • 2DS – 3.55hrs
  • Game Boy Advance SP – 3.59hrs
  • iPad 2 – 4.00hrs
  • iPad Air – 4.04hrs
  • New 3DS – 4.04hrs
  • iPod Touch 3 – 4.13hrs
  • DS Lite – 4.51hrs
  • PSP – 4.56hrs
  • GBA Micro – 4.57hrs
  • Vita – 5.01hrs
  • Nintendo Switch – 5.12hrs
  • iPad Mini 2 – 5.39hrs
  • DS – 6.51hrs
  • New 3DS (XL Mugen Battery) – 15.02hrs
  • GBA – 29.32hrs
  • Game Boy – 31.12hrs
  • Game Boy Colour – 35.45hrs