‘Blitzkrieg 3’ Introduces Neural Network AI in Latest Update

Since Blitzkrieg 3 first released on Steam’s early access program in 2015, its been steadily evolving thanks to community feedback. A military RTS, Blitzkrieg 3 falls into the historical war strategy series following Blitzkrieg and Blitzkrieg 2. Its previous updates include a new multiplayer mode, an increase in level cap for base deployment, and a revolutionised combat system that ensures more realistic gameplay.   

This time around, developer Nival has channelled their energies into making a more sophisticated AI. Named ‘Boris’ in the game, Blitzkrieg 3‘s AI system will now be able to match the level of top ranked players without utilising any hidden information about the enemy. Nival CEO and founder Sergey Orlovskiy is confident that Boris’ enhanced behaviour system will be fair and almost indistinguishable from human opponents:

“Despite the fact that the leading companies of the world are working on this problem, we have managed to create the first neural network AI for RTS…It is worth noting that Boris plays fairly. He does not use the information under the fog of war, as well as any other hidden information about the enemy. We gave him only the basic tactical moves, but during his training he invented a variety of strategies. He makes decisions just like a talented military leader. It has become difficult to predict his actions now, and, most importantly, to distinguish them from human behavior.”

Blitzkrieg 3 is scheduled for a full release in Q1 2017. The Neural Network AI update will drop this March.