Guild Wars 2 Modded With Mouselook-Enabling “Combat Mod”, ArenaNet Disapproves

Guild Wars 2

A new mod professing to turn Guild Wars 2 into a “true action combat game” has gone viral in the Guild Wars 2 community. The game is typically played as a more fast-paced variation on the combat systems offered by other MMOs like World of Warcraft and the game’s own predecessor, Guild Wars.

Dubbed the “Combat Mod” for Guild Wars 2, it changes the game’s camera movement so that mouselook is always enabled, turning the game into a pseudo-third person shooter. Watch it below.

Spoiler warning: video contains inhumane levels of dubstep.

However, when the mod was brought to the attention of Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet, the official response from the company through community coordinator CC Eva on the game’s official forums, was less than encouraging.

“As Diva points out, the use of third-party software is not allowed in Guild Wars 2,” wrote CC Eva. “Thypari, if you feel this is something that would improve the game, then we invite you to post your ideas on the subforum Suggestions, where they will be looked into.”

The user she quoted expressed her disdain at the mod, stating that she hoped everyone who played Guild Wars 2 would use the exact same UI to prevent any player from gaining the upper hand over those who played it unmodded. Given Guild Wars 2’s status as a competitive online game in addition to its cooperative elements, many players share her views in wanting a level playing field.

“This kind of stuff should, and will, get people banned,” wrote another user.