Pokemon Go: Sprint Launches a Trainer Reward Program

Sprint has announced a trainer reward program for those who check in a Sprint locations. This means that players can get rewards when checking in those Sprint locations that act as PokeStops.

The company has rolled out this program over at MyTrainerRewards.com, and although the full spectrum of what the program has to offer is not yet clear, there are details that are bound to get people curious about it.

The program, which is officially called the Sprint and Boost Mobile Trainer Rewards program, will offer up prizes to those players who regularly use Sprint locations or look into Sprint products.

Players can earn free Trainer Reward points through completing Trainer activities with Sprint. At the moment, the prizes are unique Pokemon Go tips from Professor Willow, but it seems like the plan is to eventually offer things like exclusive wallpapers and gift cards through trainer reward points.

The activities that earn points are varied as well, ranging from simply looking for the nearest Sprint PokeStop or Gym to catching a Pokemon at a Sprint location, with both activities earning 25 points. There are also several Pokemon Go videos that will earn viewers points by watching until the end.

However, many more of the Sprint, particularly given that Pokemon Go has once again become popular, climbing to the top of the Apple App Store after its recent Gen 2 update. It’s unclear how many users are going to sign up for this program, and its success will probably depend on how enticing the rewards are versus how intrusive non Pokemon Go activities are to players.