Nintendo Releases Official Switch Unboxing

The Nintendo Switch officially launches next month on March 3, 2017. Nintendo is further hyping up the console launch today with an official unboxing video. This is a rather straightforward unboxing video which was posted on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel or you can view it posted above.

Overall, the official Nintendo Switch unboxing is hosted by two personalities that show off what each console bundle will come with. It may be worth noting that the two bundles that will be offered during launch will only differ between the colored Joy-Cons.

Each bundle will come with the Nintendo Switch, two Joy-Con’s, a Joy-Con wrist strap, a Joy-Con Grip, the Nintendo Switch Dock, an HDMI cable, and lastly a Nintendo Switch AC adapter.

Both bundles are marked at $299.99 and will be offered at a number of retailers during launch. However, it’s been criticized in the past that the launch line-up for the Nintendo Switch has been lacking in terms of software.

Furthermore, it’s been confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will launch without the added benefit of streaming application services such as Netflix along with the lack of an internet browser. The latter may prove to be problematic for gamers who decide to play their video games online through various hotspots. Most of these hotspots will require a user to accept various terms of service through the device’s internet browser.

Regardless, these are issues that can be fixed in a future update which Nintendo will likely roll out shortly after launch.