Housemarque Releases PS4 Pro Patch for Resogun; 4K and HDR Available Now

One of the most critically acclaimed PS4 games, Resogun, has finally received a PS4 Pro patch, which helps users find an excuse to go back to the game, without feeling guilty.

Housemarque announced on their site that the patch is available now and will feature 4K and HDR support. The new patch will be released on both base PS4 consoles and PS4 Pro consoles. The base console will be able to take advantage of the HDR support if applied to HDR TV. While PS4 Pro users will be able to take advantage of both — 4K and HDR.

Resogun 4K +HDR patch is out now! Also includes some vfx additions and bug fixes. In a nutshell, it’s a free update for everyone who already owns Resogun, and those who don’t – now’s the best time to get it. Available for the PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles. Have a great weekend!

– Housemarque Team

In addition, Housemarque has also noted that the PS4 Pro will feature super sampling.

Supersampling is a spatial anti-aliasing method, i.e. a method used to remove aliasing (jagged and pixelated edges, colloquially known as “jaggies”) from images rendered in computer games or other computer programs that generate imagery.

The Resogun Pro patch is available to download now.