Psychonauts Sequel is On The Table Says Double Fine


The developers at Double Fine have not announced any plans to develop Psychonauts 2, but they're well aware of how much people want it, and to top things off, Tim Schafer believes that there are still many stories within the Psychonauts universe left to be told.

Speaking in an interview with VG247, Double Fine Adventure producer Greg Rice shared some of what the studio is up to.

"Tim has ideas for sequels to every game we've ever made," he said of fan requests for a sequel to Psychonauts. "I think it always comes down to what kind of studio resources are available, and who's available to make games."

"But yes, Psychonauts 2 is something that comes up a lot," he said, "and it's something that we'd definitely be interested in doing. It'd just be a large game, and that'd mean pretty much the entire studio working on it for multiple years, so it's just a matter of finding funding and finding out how to take it forward."

"I think there are definitely more Psychonauts stories to be told, and Tim has them in mind. Obviously fans like the game and we’d love to revisit the franchise too, and…we love it as well."

Let's keep our fingers crossed and pray that they develop a new Psychonauts game once they're done with Double Fine Adventure and The Cave, which are just two of the games they've announced to be in development so far.