Rayman Creator Talks Switch Platform; Notes Rayman Legends Will Have “Several Surprises”

Rayman Legends was a hit game back in 2013; it brought back Rayman in a new, fun, and engaging way for a new group pf gamers. And now the game is set to make its debut on Nintendo’s latest console the Switch.

The Rayman creator, Michael Ancel, sat down with Nintendo to talk about the Switch platform and the re-release of Rayman Legends; watch the interview down below:

“Rayman Legends is like a board game,” Ancel said. “It means playing with your friends in the same room, and this console is perfect for that. It’s the concept of the console we’ve been waiting for a long time. An HD console, powerful, portable.”

Ancel thinks the Nintendo Switch is a perfect hybrid for gamers. Not only could they play at home on a TV, but gamers can also take the system on the go, which Ancel has been waiting for a while to become a thing. Rayman Legends for Switch is “like a love story between Nintendo and Rayman because of course the colorful universe and the Rayman spirit go perfectly with Nintendo’s spirit.”

He also went on to say that Rayman Legends will come with a couple surprises when the game finally launches on the Switch. “We are preparing other surprises because the console has a lot of qualities in the multiplayer area.”

Rayman Legends has not yet received its release date for the Switch, which makes it debut on March 3.