Take-Two Licenses Two Titles For Motion Picture Production

There are plenty of filmmakers interested in making video game adaptations the next big blockbuster sensation. Ever since comic books have received the royal treatment at the box office, it seems that more interest is going into the video game industry. However, there have been few standout video game movie adaptations that settled well with both fans of the video game and new viewers into the story narrative.

Currently, there are several video game film adaptations that are slowly in the works. For instance, there is a film adaptation of both The Last of Us and Splinter Cell. Now it seems that Take-Two is interested in seeing their titles on the big screen.

Reported by MCVUK, Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick, has confirmed that two titles are being put up for a motion picture production. Unfortunately, there’s no indication as to what titles may be in the works.

“We have licensed a couple of titles for motion picture production and we don’t have much more to say about that yet.”

A big concern for Take-Two when it comes to these motion picture production deals is that the publisher remains in creative control over the final product. For now, we can only speculate what two titles are being considered. Perhaps one of which can be the popular Red Dead Redemption or Grand Theft Auto series, though only time will tell. Let us know what video game film adaptation you would like to see from Take-Two in the comments down below.