Splinter Cell Movie Producer Confident Film Will Stop Bad Video Game Movies Trend

It’s a tough pill to sometimes swallow when you’re favorite video game franchise receives a film adaptation. More often than now, these film adaptations receive poor reviews and tarnish the source material. However, with each video game film announcement comes a slew of producers, directors, and actors alerting fans and viewers that their film won’t follow the same path as some of the other films that came before them.

By now if you planned on watching Assassin’s Creed the movie, you’ve likely already had or been swayed not to. The film was not a massive success and as mentioned above, a series of poor movie reviews indicated that fans were best off sticking with the video game franchise.

One producer lends his thoughts on why the film was tough to create a unique and thrilling movie for viewers and hypes up his project up a bit more. Basil Iwanyk is a producer for the upcoming Splinter Cell movie and he recently spoke about the upcoming film and Assassin’s Creed to Collider.

According to Basil, Splinter Cell is still very much an active project with a script that’s actually being trimmed down. Though when questioned on if the low financial box office of Assassin’s Creed would play into the Splinter Cell production, Basil gave a reason as to why the market was limited which may have been a tough sell for the film in general.

“The story of the financial success of Assassin’s Creed is yet to be told because we do live in an international world; it’s still rolling out. Assassin’s Creed had a very specific world to it and a very specific storyline, character, all that stuff. Splinter Cell really is a first-person shooter game. And so the challenge of making Splinter Cell interesting was we didn’t have this IP with a very specific backstory.

That allowed us to make up our own world and really augment and fill out the characters. I don’t think one applies to the other because I don’t think our movie will feel like a movie that came out of a video game, I think it’ll feel like a badass, Tom Hardy action movie, which is what we wanted.”

It seems that the producer is holding out hope that the Assassin’s Creed film would open with a more successful debut in other regions of the world still. Regardless, another interesting aspect that came out from the interview is that we know what rating the upcoming Splinter Cell film is shooting for. Apparently we’re not getting an R rating, but instead a hard PG-13.

With high hopes and more freedom to create a unique story for Splinter Cell could bring video game movies towards the limelight, though only time will tell.