RPG ‘GreedFall’ Catapults out of the Baroque Period Into the 21st Century

French publisher Focus Home Interactive (Call of Cthulhu, Styx: Shards of Darkness) is teaming up with independent developer Spiders for a different kind of RPG experience in GreedFall. Characterised by Baroque art from 17th century Europe, the soft, grandiose landscapes of the game’s island setting are home to dormant magic, ancient treasures and secrets, and a mysterious tale of faction politics.

The focus of GreedFall rests primarily in its strong RPG core, but deep character interactions, optional combat, diplomacy, deception, as well as quests will keep players occupied in an ever-changing world. CEO of Spiders Studio Jehanne Rousseau says he is confident about the direction of GreedFall, which he describes as being more ambitious than his previous projects:

“Few publishers have the ability to support totally distinctive games like GreedFall and this secures us in our belief that we will manage with Focus Home Interactive to make this experience in a brand new universe both unique and unforgettable.”

GreedFall is expected to release in 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: GreedFall