Skylanders Will Not Receive A New Installment This Year

Skylanders has been a massive hit for the young gaming audience. The franchise first launched back in 2011 and since then, there has been a new installment of the Skylanders series each year. Today, we’re finding out that gamers who are interested in Skylanders will be missing out on a new installment this year.

What is known as the toys-to-life video game genre, Skylanders uses a mixture of physical toys to go along with their video game. Gamers are able to use specially marked toys and toss them into the video game itself, but of the past year, there have been rumors that the genre is seeing a decline in interest.

Not only did we see Disney completely shut down their Disney Infinity franchise, but there was speculation that Activision would also end the Skylanders franchise as well. There’s no confirmation as to if the series will see a similar fate as their biggest competitor, but we do know that for this year, Skylanders will not have another big release.

Reported by Polygon, news of Skylanders not receiving a new console installment came from an Activision executive during an earnings call. While there is an application-based video game for smartphones in the works, it’s not revealed when the game will launch. Likewise, there is a new enhanced version of Skylanders: Imaginators that will launch for the Nintendo Switch this year, but in terms of a new installment to the series releasing on consoles is a no go.