Overwatch Server Browser On The Way, Says Director Jeff Kaplan

Overwatch fans will be getting a server browser roughly 9 months after the game’s release, Game Director Jeff Kaplan has revealed. The server browser feature will allow players to run customised versions of Overwatch, accessible to other players who can locate it on a public list and join.

Joining the likes of 7 Days to DieMinecraft and Conan ExilesOverwatch’s server browser will make regional custom matches publicly available, with the ability to filter for the specific match you want. Additionally, finding your favourite map and enabling/disabling heroes just got a whole lot easier. Kaplan recognises that the majority of the 25 million player base is content with quick play and competitive modes, but occasionally, players have the urge to try something new and matchmaking doesn’t always cater to that effectively. For that reason, the server browser gives players more freedom to choose their gameplay experience. Some of the planned additions to the browser include:   

  • Turn on/off individual hero abilities
  • More customisation on hero ability cooldown times
  • Change payload speed
  • Change capture speed on control points
  • Allow/disallow individual heroes
  • Enable/disable flag pick-up time
  • Change CTF so a team’s flag has to be back at their base in order to cap the enemy flag

Overwatch garnered more money than any other paid PC game last year. Kaplan was recently in the spotlight over his comments on console Overwatch players using a mouse and keyboard to play the game.