Blizzard Announces That Overwatch Reaches 25 Million Players Worldwide

Blizzard has announced via Twitter that Overwatch has passed 25 million players. The multiplayer shooter for Blizzard has been very successful since its launch last year. The game has reached a significant amount of gamers, went on to win Game of the Year in 2016, and continuously keeps players hooked.

Check out the milestone announcement down below:

Overwatch recently launched their latest event — Year of the Rooster, which is centered around Chinese New Year. Players are treated with new skins and a new capture the flag mode. The new event is going to be live until February 13th.

In recent news, Funko Pop! Vinyl has announced that a new line of Funko Pop Overwatch characters will be releasing. The second wave of Overwatch figurines includes: Mei, McCree, Lucio, Symmetra, Reinhardt, and D.VA accompanied by her mech. For those interested in acquiring any figurines from wave 1, make sure you check out the Blizzard website.

Check the Pops! out down below: