Drawn to Death Launches April 4; New Inside Look at the Game With David Jaffe

David Jaffe, the world renown developer from the Twisted Metal and God of War franchises, has finally announced that his new game, Drawn to Death will finally be releasing for PS4 on April 4.

The game originally was set out to be a free-to-play title, however, recently we found out that was going to change. Now an official price has been revealed and it will cost gamers $20. Get a new look at the game thanks to a new inside look trailer with developer David Jaffe down below:

Here’s a sneak peek at the latest content from Drawn to Death, the brawler/shooter hybrid from Game Director David Jaffe. What’s waiting for you inside the pages of the notebook? Jump in and find out!

There are plenty of shooters are the market right now, but Jaffe insists that Drawn to Death is unique. Not only due to its art style but more importantly its gameplay.

There are lots of hero shooters popping up these days, but Drawn to Death is unique. Obviously, it looks unique, but also — and more importantly — it feels unique. The “time to kill” is long in Drawn to Death. Like, really long. We do this because we want players to have more chances for chases across the maps — where tables get turned and map knowledge allows hunted players to become the hunters.

Our game modes only support four players. Sometimes when people hear this they don’t like it. But for us, it’s a strength of the game. A high “time to kill” and too many players in a match ends up making a lot of shooters feel chaotic and random. We wanted to be Drawn to Death to play differently.

Lastly, Jaffe goes into detail about the most important thing as a designer to encourage players to keep coming back to the game:

drawn to death

How do we create that feeling of fun in Drawn to Death? We make sure the game gives players the sense that success or failure in a match was up to them and their choices. So if a player loses, they’re able to easily comprehend the moment to moment of the game well enough to have a good idea of what they must do to improve.

Drawn to Death launches April 4 on PS4 for $19.99.

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