Assassin’s Creed VR Video Game In Development But Not For Official Release

Assassin’s Creed: Da Vinci’s Workshop is a current Assassin’s Creed video game being developed, but it’s one that you’ll likely never get a chance to play. The video game is being developed by Ubisoft and a class within the University of NHTV. Essentially, this project is an in-house experimentation of VR and potentially something that Ubisoft may be tinkering with for ideas in the future for Assassin’s Creed.

The video game was announced by the lead team developer’s website in which the developer notes that the video game is running on HTC Vive for the PC along with Unreal Engine 4. This project requires two players and plays out similar to an escape room where each player must walk around Leonardo’s workshop in order to solve puzzles that will eventually allow the gamers to discover a piece of Eden.

While more information will be released after the project is completed, it’s doubtful that gamers will see this project release. The developer notes that there are no plans on releasing the game commercially or at all. While it’s unlikely we’ll get a chance to play the game, we wouldn’t mind seeing how the project looks when the development is completed.

In the meantime, gamers will have to wait for the next installment to launch which is already stated to be in the works for the Nintendo Switch platform. For now, let us know if you’re interested in a VR installment with the Assassin’s Creed franchise by leaving a comment down below.