Rainbow Six: Siege Boasting 13 Million Registered Players and 3.9 Million Weekly Players

Although Rainbow Six Siege has had fairly disappointing initial state of the game, It seems Ubisoft has seen the potential for the title and continues pushing it. Over the past weekend, Ubisoft held a free weekend for anyone interested in playing Rainbow Six: Seige in anticipation for the upcoming free DLC and for people to see hands on how well the game has developed with bug fixes and changes. Now Bertrand Chaverot has revealed that the tactical shooter actually has quite an impressive player base, considering its bumpy start.

Bertrand Chaverot, director of Latin America at Ubisoft, revealed that Rainbow Six: Siege has more than 13 million registered players and that the initial month boasted 5 million players.

“In the first month, we had 5 million players. One year after the actual launch, we have more than doubled, about 13 million people playing around the world.”

Bertrand also revealed that there are 3.9 million players that play Rainbow Six: Siege at least once a week. This is also a really impressive number, showing that Rainbow Six: Seige is still a great title.

It’s great to see this title making a comeback, especially with the player base. A co-op centred game would be nothing without active players.