Funko Pop! Announces New Kingdom Heart Vinyl Figures

Funko has announced that a brand new line of Funko Pop! Vinyl will take on the iconic series of Kingdom Hearts.

The vinyl figures will feature some of the main characters of the franchise, including Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Pete, and Chip and Dale. Check out the gallery down below to see how the figures look:


Funko also announced that some of the figures will be exclusive to certain stores; stores such as GameStop, Hot Topic, and Walmart. Check out the official description down below:

Be sure to look for exclusive figures, available only at select retailers! Collect black-and-white Pete (only at Walmart), Kingdom Goofy (exclusively at GameStop), and Kingdom Donald (only at Hot Topic)!

There is no specific release date for the Kingdom Heart Funko Pops as of yet, but they are expected to release sometime in April.