NieR: Automata Has Gone Gold Before Its Official Release

Square Enix Producer Yosuke Saito announced today that upcoming JRPG NieR: Automata has officially gone gold, joining the likes of Yooka Laylee and Horizon Zero Dawn

In the tweet, Saito revealed that NieR: Automata had gone gold quite a while ago, and asked for fans’ cooperation leading up to the game’s worldwide release, which is set to late February for Japanese audiences and early March for those in Europe, Australia and the United States.

Sony also recently announced that Japanese fans of NieR: Automata would be able to purchase an exclusive PlayStation 4 modelled on Emil’s face, which is available in two different versions. The jazzed up console is scheduled to release simultaneously with the game on February 23. There are plans for a PC release of NieR: Automata, but at the time of writing, the date is simply set to 2017.

Those interested in pre-ordering NieR: Automata for PS4 can do so right here.