Dishonored Producer: People are Tired of Sequels, Playing the Same Thing Over and Over

Are you fed up with the industry's "sequelitis?" While most of the people are complaning that we're being bombarded with sequels left and right, new games and IPs generally don't do as well compared to the 15th iteration of shooter #21304. However, this problem isn't exclusive to consumers as some developers are feeling the same way.

One of these developers is Arkane Studios producer Julien Roby. Arkane is, of course, the studio behind the upcoming first-person stealth action game, Dishonored.

In an interview with IGN, Roby comments that gamers these days are getting tired of playing the same things over and over. Not only that, but he hopes people try Dishonored since it's trying something new.

 It’s been a few years where we’ve only got sequels of sequels of sequels of sequels. I think people are getting tired of just playing the same thing over and over…So I hope that they’re going to try Dishonored for the fact that it’s trying to do something a little different that those other games.

Roby also thinks the most-talked about games at this year's E3 were new titles such as: Watch Dogs, Remember Me and, of course, Dishonored. So does this mean gamers want something new?

I think so…You look at the line-up for Christmas this year and it’s like something number six, something number five, something number seven. I really think people are starving for something new. Something new in terms of universe. Something new in terms of gameplay. Something new in terms of visuals.

From what I've seen of Dishonored, it does seem to be marching on the beat of a different drummer. However, it's also important to note that if and when Dishonored is successful, I'm betting dollars to doughnuts that we will see Dishonored 2 — thus, contributing to the problem somewhat, no?

What do you think should publishers and developers do in order to combat "sequelities?" More importantly, do you even care?