Capcom Plans A More “Aggressive” Sales Campaign For Resident Evil 7

Capcom has released the results for the nine month period ending December 2016 earlier today. In a press release, the publisher noted a decline in multiple categories, compared to last year’s data.

Net sales saw a 6.2 percent drop to 53,507 million Yen ($471 million) for the first nine months of the 2016 fiscal year. Operating income took a 51.7 percent hit, dropping down to 5,119 million Yen ($4.5 million).

The publisher noted that sales of Dead Rising 4 were “firm” and various Resident Evil re-releases had “solid” sales overseas, in addition to Monster Hunter Generations. It is notable that sales were down compared to the same period last year due to the absence of a hit Monster Hunter title. Spin-off Monster Hunter Stories, for instance, had “soft” sales.

Capcom has said, after taking all of this into consideration, that is is planning on launching an “aggressive” sales campaign for its major titles. These include Resident Evil 7, and Monster Hunter XX. This is being done in part to maintain a similar forecast for the end of the fiscal year, which wraps up March 31st 2017.

In closing, Capcom has said it will focus more on VR content moving forward ¬†with a goal of creating a new market. As a result, it has undergone some reorganization internally to better fit the transition. The company is confident in the move thanks to the “successive ¬†releases of VR devices that are highly compatible with games.”