Major GWENT Content Update Introduces ‘Nilfgaard’ Faction

CD Projekt Red, the team behind The Witcher series, has announced a new faction for their collectible card game GWENT as part of a larger content update. The game is currently in closed beta, and received its previous major update last year which brought ranked play and new cards.

How to play GWENT in 60 Seconds

This time around, the amount of cards present in any game will be increased to more than 60, with new additions such as faction-specific cards, and neutral cards that are accessible by any faction. The Nilfgaard faction comes with a unique playstyle which focuses on gaining and then maintaining control of the battlefield. It also gives players some pretty sweet gameplay mechanics such as being able to reveal the cards in their opponent’s hand, controlling card order in decks, and employing trickery through the usage of disloyal units.

We can expect the update to release on February 6. Any players interested in registering for the GWENT closed beta can do so via the official website.