Watch Early Prototype Gameplay for the Apocalypse Now Video Game Adaptation

Last week, Francis Ford Coppola announced that he will be turning to Kickstarter to help fund his vision of a video game adaptation of the classic war film Apocalypse Now.

Since then, the campaign project has gone one to raise over $140,000 dollars of the $900,000 required to completed development. There are still 24 days to go, so there is still plenty of time of backers to jump into the action.

However, Coppola recently took to the Kickstarter page to release some new in-game footage of the game. This is just a glimpse of what the team of developers has been working on, check it out down below:

No open world. No long walks. No twitch shooting. All tension. All tactical decision making. Some outcomes determined by Player skill and some by Character skill. Psychological decision making in your dialogues with other characters.

And a heavy emphasis on an RPG-like narrative with branching outcomes.

You will explore the jungles and rivers of Vietnam in first person perspective.  You join a crew of “rock and rollers with one foot in their grave”.

It’s like Fallout: New Vegas on acid in the middle of the Vietnam War.

Your ultimate mission is to assassinate Colonel Kurtz, a rogue American officer who is accused of forming a private army and operating “totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct.”

Apocalypse Now is setting for a 2020 release date, however, if you back the project there is a possibility of getting early access in 2019, which marks the 40th anniversary of the film.

Back the project here.